subscript/superscript character challenges in HTML

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

(this entry is a bit of a mess, just posting it for reference now, might get around to expand the topic at a later time)

According to the internet, IE has issues with the UTF-8 version of subscript 2: COâ‚‚ … which unfortunately turns out to be correct, also in IE8. IE just displays an outlined square.

when writing m², you can either use the entity &sup2; or <sup>2</sup>. There is no entity for subscript-2 and the UTF-character &#8322; doesn’t work in IE Without some extra CSS in the document they differ a bit, &sup2; being more typographically correct. <sup> and <sub> elements messes up the line spacing.

Examples (entities vs. sup/sub): m² vs. m2 and CO₂ vs. CO2

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