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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Typography for the web is on the roll.

Sites like fontsquirrel and fontspring offer loads of free and open-source embeddable fonts for hosting on your own server, and hosted solutions like are partnering up with big type foundries like fontfont and veer.

The big foundries have been a bit slow in adapting their font licenses for this newfangled technology; after all, the MS-proprietary format .eot has only been around since IE5 or something.

Monotype, Linotype and ITC have recently joined forces in a service similar to Typekit called This is great news, since beforementioned foundries holds classics like Frutiger®, Univers®, Helvetica®, ITC Franklin Gothic and ITC Avant Garde® to name a few…

I got my beta account invite to the service day before yesterday and have just started toying with it a bit. The UI is a bit lacking when compared to typekit, and many of the poster-name fonts mentioned on the site hasn’t been added yet. Font replacement looks snappy enough however. Think I need to play around a bit more with the service before I can give an honest opinion.

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