Fix for MAMP when MySQL is not starting

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

I’m currently using MAMP for local PHP development on OS X. It works ok, except for a tendency to bug out when starting up again after first quitting the application once. So if you get the “Error: Could not connect to MySQL server!” notice, here’s a fix:

  1. Quit MAMP
  2. Open the terminal and type: killall -9 mysqld
  3. Restart MAMP

That should do it. If it’s still not working, this forum thread has more details.

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might have to sudo.

#1 your moms 02 May 07

Absolute life saver – thank you!

#2 Brian 12 Feb 08

Thank you so much. This saved me hours.

#3 Eli 01 Apr 08

Thank You! Saved me so much aggravation.

#4 LT 20 May 08

Tanks a lot!!!

#5 fernando 12 Aug 08

[…] If the mysql server is not working. Visit this site for a fix. […]

#6 Installing Drupal on a Mac, Problems and Process at Stetson House Web Developers Society of Philadelphia 20 Aug 08

damn straight… thanks for the posting, fixed it like a charm!

#7 soda novels 20 Aug 08

Just what I needed! Thanks a bunch for sharing this!

#8 George 05 Sep 08

No matching processes belonging to you were found

that comes up when i type it in

#9 Devan 17 Sep 08


#10 lyonnel 27 Sep 08

Damn dude! IT worked PERFECTLY! thanks a bunch!

#11 Nick 08 Oct 08

Worked great. Danks!

#12 Sheldon 20 Oct 08

other way that might fix the same problem :

-go in the folder MAMP/db/mysql/ – delete all files that IS NOT A FOLDER (files like ‘mysql-bin.XXXXXX’ / ‘mysql-bin.index’/ ‘ibdata1′ / ‘ib_logfileX’

don’t worry, this doesn’t erase any of your database, but make sure you don’t delete the folders. That’s where the data of your databases are stored.

#13 couzinhub 11 Nov 08

Another issue that some of you might be encountering: I had MAMP working and then changed my root password. Next time I started it up, the start page kept giving me “Error: Could not connect to MySQL server!” Turns out that user ‘root’, pass ‘root’ is hard-coded into the MAMP start page at MAMP/bin/mamp/index.php. Once I changed that page to match my new pass, the start page worked.

#14 Ben 12 Nov 08

couzinhub = brilliant help. I was ready to download – reinstall. this would of caused me days of loss.

#15 jamo 13 Nov 08

yo what do u mean by a terminal? :s im just a kid

#16 me 04 Jan 09

Terminal: command line utility on mac os x,
located under Applications-Utilities-Terminal

#17 bjorn 07 Jan 09

Thanks, a quick solution that eased in the morning.

#18 james_womack 17 Jan 09

Thank you so much! This is solved the problem instantly!!! What a miracle!

#19 Ti 30 Jan 09

I’m still can’t execute MAMP reset with those query but when I try MAMP Pro it’s still works for localhost weird :p

#20 Fuad 02 Feb 09

[…] searching and searching I finally came across a comment at Time Wasted on Binaries that held the key. The problem resides in my obsession with creating new passwords for everything. […]

#21 a design and usability blog :: Simple Things » Articles » MAMP Error: Could not connect to MySQL server! 10 Feb 09

you are a saint…thanks so much

#22 john 25 Feb 09

Your a life SAVER DUDE

#23 Mike 09 Mar 09

Helped me sooooooo much.


#24 Ben 16 Mar 09

If it still doesn’t work, here’s one more thing you can try…

Bring up the “Get info” window for the /applications/mamp folder and make sure the account you’re currently logged in as has read & write access, and then apply those permissions to all subfolders.

In my case I installed MAMP under my work account, then quit mamp and switched to my personal account. Since mysql created a bunch of files under my work account, it wasn’t able to modify the files under my personal account, and so it wouldn’t start for me.

#25 Will Fawcett 25 Mar 09

lol, life can be easy

#26 the honk 16 Apr 09

I just reboot the computer.

Thanks for the advice.

#27 David 20 Apr 09

WOW. Gold medal, right here. Awesomeness.

#28 heretherebemonkeys 22 Apr 09

I get the following response in Terminal: “No matching processes belonging to you were found”. Problem persists.

#29 noruga 03 May 09


#30 adsf 13 May 09


#31 adsf 13 May 09

Genius!! I’ve been sweating over this issue for a while now and this simple little fix worked!! Thank you so much.

#32 Shawn McCarthy 07 Aug 09

I set myself as the owner of /Applications/MAMP/Library/libexec/mysqld in hopes of not being required to type in a password to start MAMP when using default apache and mysql ports. Resetting this back to System as the owner fixed my issue.

#33 Blake Whitkanack 04 Sep 09

I love how this is still great advice three years later. Thanks everyone, especially Will Fawcett. I had to make a new admin after Snow Leopard kept kernel panic-ing when my old admin would log in. This caused inconsistencies in my MAMP subfolder. Nice.

#34 Mason 10 Sep 09

it worked. thanks

#35 GA 09 Oct 09

You just saved me a lot of time. Many thanks!

#36 Kim Korte 15 Nov 09


#37 GABRIEL 05 Dec 09

Thanks a lot! :)

#38 Zourab Cazano 24 Dec 09

Beauty Billy! Thx.

#39 Albert Potato 28 Dec 09

Lifesaver. Thanks!!

#40 Ross 11 Jan 10

Fantastic, thank you for sharing

#41 Justin 22 Jan 10

Great Sharing – ended hours of frustration – Thank You

#42 Tim 16 Feb 10

I also get this when I type in terminal: No matching processes belonging to you were found

I also tried couzinhub’s suggestion but no luck.

I restarted my computer as well. What am I doing wrong?

#43 Hannah 28 Feb 10

wait now i got it to work. I went to preferences and reset the default to MAMP ports.

#44 Hannah 28 Feb 10

Absolute genius! Worked like a charm.

#45 Rich 03 Mar 10


#46 Whatever 07 Mar 10

For all those getting “No matching processes belonging to you were found” do this:

  1. Quit MAMP
  2. Open TERMINAL and type: sudo killall -9 mysqld
  3. Press enter and when asked type your user password and hit enter again.
  4. Re-open MAMP.

That should do it. It worked for me anyway. Good Luck!

#47 littlegreenweb 28 Apr 10

Yet another thank you! This solved it right away.Joh

#48 John 06 May 10

hi folks! I struggled with this for ages .. killing the process works.. but ALSO .. you can do:

$ sudo chown -R mysql:mysql /usr/local/mysql

this fixed it permanently for me!

#49 mog-labs 13 May 10

Still not working for me. Tried all the steps in this forum! MySQL server runs on on reset MAMP port 8889, but when I switch to default port 80, no love. Any suggestions (other than throwing my computer out the window?)

#50 moogoo 24 May 10

Make sure your msql servier is STOPPED in the apple preferences pane MySQL prefs…

#51 danko 24 May 10

Great, worked a treat! Cheers.

#52 Dan 25 May 10

it works,

thank you

#53 dijital pazarlama 09 Jun 10

I had an syntax error in my httpd.conf file, when I addressed the issue everything was resolved.

#54 Lacey 04 Jul 10

Wow, thanks!

#55 jasonjohnwells 26 Jul 10

wow this did so fast thanks a lot..

#56 don 26 Aug 10

You rock. No Thanks to Mamp!! Boo!!

#57 Kaiak 15 Sep 10

After struggling for a while, I reset to the default MAMP ports and it worked like a charm!

#58 Derek 23 Sep 10

The first thing didn’t work, but this did:

sudo killall -9 mysqld

Thanks a lot, littlegreenweb!!

#59 Antonio 05 Oct 10

works! thank you.

#60 chris 09 Oct 10

Nothing worked until I saw danko’s tip from May 24. I am no expert at all and didn’t want to break my Mac by disabling something deep. Thanks! It works now.

#61 glen 11 Oct 10

thank you SO much! Don’t know a lot about computers but I’m trying to install wordpress. Didn’t know why MySQL server was not turning green. Absolute lifesaver

#62 L.S. 02 Nov 10

Thanks, You’re a lifesaver! I wouldn’t have had a clue otherwise, I was about to uninstall the whole thing and write it off as a bad job.

#63 Katy 13 Jan 11

Adding my user to the permissions list worked thanks

#64 Todd 02 Feb 11

Brilliant little fix :D

Thank you, now I can get back to my studies.

#65 Aaron 04 Feb 11

perfect solution. THX!

#66 MSR 15 Feb 11

Awesome, thanks!

#67 P 15 Mar 11

wow thank you, already spent more than an hour with this problem and this fix made it work…

#68 cicki 19 Mar 11

Thank you so much! Started right up!!

#69 Mary Beth 20 Mar 11

Genius! So simple, thanks dude!

#70 Jack Yo 23 Mar 11

Thank you. Worked like a charm.

#71 Nancy 24 Mar 11

kudos. totally worked

#72 dmcw 28 Mar 11


#73 ANa 29 Mar 11

Ca marche ! Merci so much!! You may have to do it regularly though, the Mysql server keeps going off. Better memorize it :-D

#74 AlexDangrel 05 Apr 11

Works perfect! thanks a bunch!

#75 Ricardo 05 Apr 11

Thanks! worked like a charm..

#76 Vishu 06 Apr 11

Thanks! This worked so well… was seriously worrying!

#77 Boston Food Blogger 08 Apr 11

Was having problems with MAMP on the Macbook and this fix after an hour of searching fixed it right away many thanks.

#78 Dominic 09 Apr 11

Thank you, saved me so much time!

#79 Tracy 11 Apr 11

brilliant, worked first time after finding lots of unanswered questions! thanks alot

#80 Christopher 11 Apr 11

Appreciated.. Helped me instantly.

#81 Mikey 12 Apr 11

Thanks for posting this. ^^

#82 Kev 12 Apr 11

Your the shit man, Saved me alot of time…

#83 JB 12 Apr 11

You’re awesome. Thanks.

#84 Jordan 13 Apr 11

Worked like a charm, I owe you a beer

#85 Nathan Cannon 15 Apr 11

You saved my life. Thanks :)

#86 Darshana 18 Apr 11

precisely what i was looking for no less no more ;) hvala

#87 olbap 20 Apr 11


#88 jbot 20 Apr 11

simply amaizing

#89 leo 25 Apr 11

Being slightly unsure about terminal commands, I: • Quit MAMP • Opened up Activity Monitor — /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor, • Typed “sql” in the Filter/Search field, • Quit all instances of “mysqld” • Opened/Started MAMP • Started Servers (if not done automatically upon launch of MAMP) • Got back to work – MySQL Server was now green, and all is well.


It’s a little easier for me to remember how to remedy this with the Activity Monitor rather than a terminal command. So, for what it’s worth, here is Method/Option #2.

Thanks for getting us going on this – I am impressed with how helpful your post has been for so many! I bet the Terminal Command approach effectively does the same thing as the Activity Monitor method, whereas the Activity Monitor is more of a visual way to do it.

#90 Caleb Weeks 29 Apr 11

Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks!

#91 Álvaro 06 May 11


#92 Jack 07 May 11


#93 Ian 07 May 11


#94 kemomitoz 07 May 11

wow i shot answer saved me hours

#95 veeresh 09 May 11

[…] MAMP 但是常遇到 MySQL 無法正常啟動 好在網路上能找到解決方法 via Fix for MAMP when MySQL is not starting 1. 關閉 MAMP 2. 打開終端 (terminal) 運行:killall -9 mysqld 3. 重新開啟 MAMP […]

#96 [Mac] 解決 MAMP 資料庫無法正常啟動的問題 | NEKORO 挨踢工作室 11 May 11

worked – thanks!!!

#97 steph 13 May 11

OMG!!! Thank you so much!!

#98 Max 16 May 11


#99 Stefano 21 May 11

Thank you!!!! :)

#100 Kristen 23 May 11

I LOVE YOU !!! Thank you so much !!! =D

#101 zantetsu 23 May 11

Thanks from Spain!!! :D

#102 Kanfor 25 May 11

Thanks a lot it works perfectly :P

#103 Susan 26 May 11

Short and to the point! thank you for sharing!

#104 Yali 28 May 11

Thanks much!

helped works right away

#105 adardesign 30 May 11

Still not working for me. When I do: sudo killall -9 mysqld and hit enter for the password, it just keeps asking me for another password. I go back to MAMP but still red light on MySQL.

I just moved all my files to a new iMac from my MBP. Could that be it? I did a complete new install and then moved over my htdocs and db files to try to fix this but still not working.

Also, I can’t connect to localhost:8888 from CODA. I wonder if the two issues are related.

#106 Holly 31 May 11


After spending hours looking at complicated solutions – here’s such a simple one! Thanks!

#107 Chris 31 May 11

Didnt work for me. My SQL Server still red and Open start page still greyed

#108 steffi 02 Jun 11

Incredible! simple yet effective :)

#109 kenny 02 Jun 11

Thanks a lot =D

#110 Guillaume 03 Jun 11

works like a charm, thanks.

#111 Odizle 03 Jun 11

Just lovely. Thanks!

#112 Jammr 03 Jun 11

OMG! After HOURS trying to solve this problem, I finally got the sollution! Thank you, VERY MUCH! Absolutely lifesaver, as people have said before! Thank you!

#113 Erica 04 Jun 11

When I try this in Terminal, I get:

“No matching processes belonging to you were found”

MySQL really won’t start for me. And it’s not running in the background. Help.

#114 Holly 04 Jun 11

WOW I can’t thank you enough, you saved a fairly large database I was working on, and foolishly hadn’t backed up.

I wonder what the conflict with the mysqld process is?

#115 Ben 07 Jun 11

You rock. Thanks!

#116 Jeremy 07 Jun 11

Thank you! sudo did the trick for me

#117 Simon 09 Jun 11

thank you man life saver

#118 dinesh 10 Jun 11

What they all said

#119 Fraser 13 Jun 11


#120 Christina 14 Jun 11

omg, it’s been a few years but this is h0t. Thanks!

#121 frk 14 Jun 11


#122 Marcia 14 Jun 11

Thanks so much!!!!! :)

#123 joyful 17 Jun 11

[…] MAMP 但是常遇到 MySQL 無法正常啟動 好在網路上能找到解決方法 via Fix for MAMP when MySQL is not starting 1. 關閉 MAMP 2. 打開終端 (terminal) 運行:killall -9 mysqld 3. 重新開啟 […]

#124 [Mac] 解決 MAMP 資料庫無法正常啟動的問題 | 勇往直前!挨踢星人 18 Jun 11

nice one!

#125 Achilles 19 Jun 11

That did it! Thanks so much for sharing.

#126 Justin Rascoe 21 Jun 11

i love you!!

#127 thank so much! 28 Jun 11

You rock! Thanks, dawg :)

#128 Adam Hopkins 29 Jun 11

Works every time! Thanks!

#129 Debra Lindland 02 Jul 11

Awesome! Thank you soooooo much!

#130 Adam 06 Jul 11

Thank you!

#131 Maya 08 Jul 11


#132 rodjsr 11 Jul 11

Adding my thank you! Over 5 years later this fix still works!

#133 Bryan 13 Jul 11

THX !!!! ;)

#134 Mich 13 Jul 11

Was honestly weary of such a simple fix working, but it worked great!! Thanks!

#135 Patrick Scott 14 Jul 11

49 from @mog-labs did it for me. Thanks, this saved hours!

#136 Jared 18 Jul 11

Works like a charm, you’re a saint :)

#137 Norsklionheart 19 Jul 11

Big thanks!

#138 ezlivin 19 Jul 11

Thank you!

#139 canne 19 Jul 11

Wooow Great!

#140 Ziepe 20 Jul 11

OMG! You ROCK! Thank you SO MUCH!

#141 Jane Bowlin-Burt 22 Jul 11

Thanks for the tip! Definitely saved me some time figuring that one out ;)

#142 Justin Roberts Designer 24 Jul 11

thanks so much…worked perfectly

#143 matt 24 Jul 11


#144 ERIK 26 Jul 11

ok, so i’m running mac osx 10.5.8 and mamp v1.8.3 and get 2 green lights when i start mamp but still get: “Error: Could not connect to MySQL server!” when i try to open start page

tried the sudo killall -9 mysqld but for some reason it keeps asking for a different pw

anybody else had this and worked through it?

#145 2 Lost Days 27 Jul 11

It doesn’t work with your sudo password? weird…

mog-labs has a different solution in an earlier comment that might be worth trying.

#146 bjorn 27 Jul 11

i get this when i launch mamp but then get sql green light: /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysqlcheck: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) when trying to connect

i’ll take a look now at the mog-labs solution

#147 2 Lost Days 27 Jul 11

Thank you! 5 years later this comand works like a charm.

#148 Algis 29 Jul 11

IT worksss

#149 Yothammmm beach 31 Jul 11

WOW! Thanx worked awsomely!

#150 Gailbin 01 Aug 11

Thank You!! :)

#151 Freebies Hotspot 03 Aug 11

Did not work!

#152 Arnie 04 Aug 11

Did not work for me!

#153 Arnie 04 Aug 11

Worked on the first try!

#154 Syd 05 Aug 11

wow! that fixed it good!

#155 mac 06 Aug 11

worked wonders for a mac newbie. thanks for posting this!!!

#156 Kaileen 07 Aug 11

Oh, where for art thou simple solution such as this all thee of time!

#157 Hal 09 Aug 11

i love you.

#158 asdfghjkl; 09 Aug 11

Thanks. That was exactly the fix I needed

#159 Adam 10 Aug 11

This is awesome!

#160 Ward 13 Aug 11

Perfect, thanks!

#161 bartj3 16 Aug 11

Thanks for the advice! This is exactly the problem I’m having but I have to admit I’m pretty computer illiterate. What is the terminal??


#162 Scott 17 Aug 11

Terminal is a program on your mac. It is located in Applications > Utilities > Terminal

#163 Scott Motte 18 Aug 11

THX :]

#164 Marylka 19 Aug 11

If this fix doesn’t work, check to make sure that you don’t have another my.cnf file somewhere (for example, in /etc/my.cnf ) that is overriding the one provided by MAMP and is supplying the wrong socket address. This can happen if you had a previous install of MySQL through Macports or Webstart.

#165 Chris 22 Aug 11

Absolute live saver

#166 Conor 23 Aug 11

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this with great success. What a time saver!

MAMP should incorporate some mysql kill function!

#167 Todd Lyda 24 Aug 11

Bullseye, Chris!!! I had previously enabled MySQL service on my SL server, and there was still the /etc/my.cnf file there. Never would have thought of that.

All I did in terminal was:

ls /etc | grep my.* (for me this found my.cnf) sudo rm -f /etc/my.cnf (delete it)

#168 Brian 29 Aug 11

I love quick, direct fixes to aggravating problems. Just installed Lion and was ready to go on a witch hunt, but this nipped my issue straight in the bud.

#169 Ryan Moore 02 Sep 11

Super thanks !

#170 Philip McKee 02 Sep 11

Awesome, this works. I’m hoping I don’t have to do this every time, but maybe I will… But thanks!!

#171 T 04 Sep 11

/etc/my.cnf This was a life saver. I havent found this anywhere else. THANK YOU SOO MUCH. — J

#172 Jason 05 Sep 11

Man! Such a simple thing. Thanks so much for posting this…was driving me nuts!

#173 Josh 07 Sep 11

Thank you! Saved me when I was completely at a loss!

#174 JD 08 Sep 11

Il works!

#175 madda 09 Sep 11

Jesus, at last! Lost 5 hours of searching and shouting “WTF”. Thank You.

#176 PK 09 Sep 11

5 years after this post, the code still works! Thanks for this :)

#177 Andre 09 Sep 11

still working – amazing


#178 olivier 12 Sep 11

Hey, thanks, that worked.

#179 Erik Rasmussen 15 Sep 11

i tried all the ways described here, the problem persists.. any ideas?

#180 Dmitry Romanovsky 15 Sep 11

Thank YOU! :)

#181 Lion 15 Sep 11

if only i knew what terminal was this might help

#182 Charley 16 Sep 11

works like a charm!

#183 alletsefinn 22 Sep 11

Good man. That was annoying me for the last 30 minutes. Thanks for sharing.

#184 David Behan 25 Sep 11

Fantastic man! 2 minutes fix! Thanks!

#185 Mike 26 Sep 11

Ditto to above glowing praises.

#186 Mr. Tweedy 26 Sep 11

Right to the point! Amazin, dude!

#187 Zabarov 29 Sep 11

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#188 MAMP problema con mysql no inicia 05 Oct 11

Sweeeeet! Thank you.

#189 Nik 08 Oct 11

Fixed… many thanks :)

#190 Ewan 10 Oct 11

Muchas gracias!!!

#191 Aldo 10 Oct 11

Thanks! That was nice and easy =)

#192 Eric 11 Oct 11

Thank you so much!!!!

#193 mike 12 Oct 11


#194 ishulle 12 Oct 11

Thank you!!!! Great man!!!

#195 Fernando 16 Oct 11

I agree with the others – without this little fix I would still be going round in cricles, I have been trying to get MySQL running for TWO BLOODY HOURS!!!!

#196 Ben Duffin 17 Oct 11

Take all my money.

#197 Awar 17 Oct 11

Thank you Thankyou! worked

#198 Niti 19 Oct 11

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

#199 Mike M 19 Oct 11

THANKS!!! (see I wrote that in all caps because it was THAT helpful :)

#200 Yvonne 20 Oct 11

You are God!

#201 Derry 21 Oct 11

@Charley: “Terminal” is an application you might have if you are a Mac User. To get there, you just need to follow this route on your computer:

Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities/Terminal

Double clic on Terminal and just type what this good man says (and hit enter too). Then restart MAMP.

It worked perfectly for me, so, @twob, you’re my savior! I was drawn to a bunch of sites giving me labyrinths solutions to a very simple server restart…

I guess I’m in love…

#202 6tel 22 Oct 11

Thank you, thank you, freaking thank you!!!!!

#203 Kevin Smith 26 Oct 11

I just made myself the OWNER of the mamp folder.

Aplication/MAMP – select this folder and Get info – under permission set yourself as the owner and read & write.

Note this applies to those who may not have full permission to the OS….

#204 Jaxter 27 Oct 11

Another thank you! Had re-installed MAMP because thinking I might have database issues and was super frustrated when MySQL wouldn’t start once I thought I had everything back in place. Breathing a huge sigh of relief now :)

#205 Kimberly 27 Oct 11

Awesome, just what I needed. Thanks! Now I just have to glue the hair back on my head. :)

#206 Johan 28 Oct 11

it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#207 Dan 29 Oct 11

Worked! Thank you!

#208 Luca 02 Nov 11

[…] XAMPP and use it instead. MAMPBy the way, if you're on a Mac you may encounter similar issues.Try this fix for MAMP when MySQL is not starting:Quit MAMPOpen a terminal and type: killall -9 mysqldRestart MAMPYou should also check to make sure […]

#209 My WAMP won’t work! - Small City Design 04 Nov 11

[…] > System Preferences… > Sharing > and uncheck "Web sharing"If that doesn't work… try this fix for MAMP when MySQL is not starting:Quit MAMPOpen a terminal and type: killall -9 mysqldRestart MAMPResourcesFix for MAMP This entry […]

#210 My MAMP won’t work! - Small City Design 04 Nov 11

[…] > System Preferences… > Sharing > and uncheck "Web sharing"If that doesn't work… try this fix for MAMP when MySQL is not starting:Quit MAMPOpen a terminal and type: killall -9 mysqldRestart MAMPResourcesFix for MAMP This entry […]

#211 My MAMP won’t start! - Small City Design 04 Nov 11

[…] > System Preferences… > Sharing > and uncheck "Web sharing"If that doesn't work… try this fix for MAMP when MySQL is not starting:Quit MAMPOpen a terminal and type: killall -9 mysqldRestart MAMPResourcesFix for MAMP This entry […]

#212 MAMP won’t start! - Small City Design 04 Nov 11

Thank man, it works!

#213 Riswan 05 Nov 11

Thank Youuuu;)

#214 Austin Movers 07 Nov 11

It Works!

#215 Gijno 11 Nov 11

it was one of the straightest thing I even seen thanks and works very well keep this thing running

#216 hacker 17 Nov 11

works great! thanks a lot ;)

#217 maria 21 Nov 11

awwww, another thanks from me, my hero

#218 khonthan 23 Nov 11

gracias desde chile!

#219 Natalia Cancino 24 Nov 11

Super lifehuck! Thanks!

#220 Mihkach 24 Nov 11

You posted this on 2006 and in 2011 it still works ! :D Thanks

#221 ToTo 26 Nov 11

Thank you- Worked beautifully1

#222 john 02 Dec 11

I’ve tried: -sudo chown -R mysql:mysql /usr/local/mysql -ls /etc | grep my.* (for me this found my.cnf) sudo rm -f /etc/my.cnf (delete it) -sudo killall -9 mysqld

i dont know what else to try… please help!

#223 Marci 08 Dec 11

I could kiss you. This totally worked. I have been looking through websites and forums for hours. Thank you!!!

#224 Alicia 08 Dec 11

thank you, was Struggling with with for some time.

#225 saumya 13 Dec 11

Superb fix! Worked like a charm :)

#226 Frankie Jarrett 15 Dec 11


#227 James 15 Dec 11

Thanks a lot! You saved my time :)

#228 Anji 23 Dec 11

THANK YOU! i was seriously about to freak out because I couldn’t figure out how to make this launch

#229 akeiba 24 Dec 11

super savior..thanks a ton.. :)

#230 tarungarg 24 Dec 11

Saved me hours of potential diagnostics, bookmarked! Thanks!

#231 Edward 03 Jan 12

works like a bitch. Thank you :B

#232 Andrew 04 Jan 12

Absolutely life saver, thanks alot.

#233 oliur chowdhury 10 Jan 12

Thanks a lot!

#234 Lu 16 Jan 12

Great – thanks!

#235 Seb 18 Jan 12


#236 AJ 23 Jan 12


#237 Nathan 23 Jan 12

greatest guy ever —- thanks

#238 gio 23 Jan 12

Thank you so much!!!

Total newbie – can’t believe it’s fixed!!!

#239 Rachel 26 Jan 12

Thanks, you’re a champ.

#240 Jacob 01 Feb 12

In my case I used two tricks:

No.1 (thanks to author of this post)

Open the terminal and type: killall -9 mysqld

No.2 (thanks to couzinhub, comment #13)

Go in the folder MAMP/db/mysql/ – delete all files that IS NOT A FOLDER (files like ‘mysql-bin.XXXXXX’ / ‘mysql-bin.index’/ ‘ibdata1′ / ‘ib_logfileX’ don’t worry, this doesn’t erase any of your database, but make sure you don’t delete the folders. That’s where the data of your databases are stored.

No.3 – Restart MAMP

Only Used in this order worked for me. Thank you guys.

#241 AJEL 02 Feb 12

this works. thanks a ton.

#242 Chad 08 Feb 12

Like! Thank you for saving me more headache!

#243 Susan Dean 10 Feb 12

Nice one man, nearly spent a whole hour trying to figure out what it was.

#244 Haroon 18 Feb 12

Great post, thank you so much for your help. I dislike having to do this now and then but until better solution comes along this is a life saver.

#245 pc technology 20 Feb 12

[…] traducción del sitio: Share […]

#246 MAMP Mysql no arranca « CREATINGMEDIA 21 Feb 12

Great help

#247 emasso 21 Feb 12

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the half day you saved me!

#248 Debra 06 Mar 12

did not work for me I still get the..[/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysqlcheck: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) when trying to connect}, I’ve done every password change/re-change- the killall -9 mysqld, still nothing I’m at the ends of my rope here, any other idea’s/ links to blogs/forums, although I imagine i’ve already been to that page

#249 Benjamin 07 Mar 12

That is great solution!!!!!

#250 Denis 25 Mar 12

Thank You!

#251 Christin 28 Mar 12

Dude! you are awesome! Thanks :o)

#252 Rudi 11 Apr 12

awesome!! life saver

#253 Preeti 17 Apr 12

works perfect

#254 mike 23 Apr 12

What do you mean by ‘terminal’? How can I find the ‘terminal’?

#255 Crys 24 Apr 12

Cheers man! Works a treat. Saved me a lot of time!

#256 Reece 29 Apr 12

legend! thank you!

#257 Sarah 01 May 12

Thanks, this worked for me, but I am curious; what does ‘-9′ do? I can’t find it in the man pages or on google

#258 Junie 10 May 12

No idea what the problem was nor what that actually did but it’s sorted! Many thanks!

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Holy @#($*& this happens all the time to me. I’ve been doing re-installs every time and just found this. Worked like a charm. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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#270 Liz 16 Aug 12

Hi guys

been tearing my hair out with frustration as most people (on all the many many searches I’ve done) on trying to get MySQL working with MAMP post back “thanks yay working”.

I tried killing: killall -9 mysqld

blah blah blah, no luck.

Guess what, check that MAMP has actually installed all the files. This was the case for me, in that my install of MAMP had failed to write the MAMP/db folder, yeah kinda critical.

No matter how much you tweak passwords & kill phantom processes etc, if there’s no db to kill you’re gonna have trouble.

Good luck, hope this helps at least one other person like me.

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Still working in 2012 on 10.6.8.


(My problem started after using “IceClean” (an Onyx alternative) to optimize databases.)

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#287 69 22 Dec 12

launch activity monitor. chose show all processes in the drop down at the top right hand corner. All process is shown alphabetically. Scroll to mysqld and then click kill process. Enter your user password if required. Then restart MAMP or Xamp and you are good to go. No need for Terminal

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[…] I have experienced a few times that the MySQL button stays red while the Apache button goes green, meaning it will not work so I did a search and found a solution at […]

#293 How to Install MAMP and Wordpress locally | Easy Web Design Tutorials 04 Mar 13

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MSQL started but Apache on default port 80 is not starting.

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thanks a million!

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Welcome to phpMyAdmin

Error MySQL said: Documentation

2002 – Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

The server is not responding (or the local server’s socket is not correctly configured). Retry to connect

This shows the error msg, it has happened in the old version and when I installed the new versions, still it didn’t work. I came to know that there is no mysql.sock in the folder of Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock’..Is there anyway you can help me solve this solution. I have my final project due on 1st May. I need to complete it by tomorrow. Please help!! Thanks.

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I tried all the fixes and nothing worked for me. Finally one that worked. God bless the Internet!

Thanks for all the contributors.

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