Extra characters for Cufon/sIFR

Monday, July 27, 2009

When rendering typefaces for use with Cúfon or sIFR, it’s not enough with choosing basic latin if you want to be able to write in swedish or danish. Here’s the string I’m using for configuration:

That tends to cover the most common issues, including WordPress punctuation.

How to make it work

Adding extra characters when rendering font files for Cufón is fairly straightforward; just paste that string into the text field labeled “.. and also these single characters” and render away.

When generating .swf-files for use with sIFR, select the text object in the .fla file that comes with the download, 2) click the character embedding button, and 3) paste the text string in the field. Generate the .swf, and done!


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How do you actually put this into play? I’d love to be able to use those characters, so how can I add them? I really appreciate the help! Thanks.

#1 Michael Castilla 31 Aug 09

I really would like some help on this too. Please can you answer Michael ?

#2 Guyhom 06 Nov 09

Also interested in how to implement this if anyone knows the answer.

#3 Tom 11 Feb 10

Sorry folks, been neglecting this site way too long… Updated this post with a small howto… hope that answers your questions!

#4 bjorn 11 Feb 10

having these issues as well.

#5 Mark 18 Mar 10